Minimum wages in other countries

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Online training on minimum wage calculation and regulations on employee postings to Germany, France, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Italy.

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General information

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Type of training:
Online (Teamvieweror Skype)
Language: English

INELO Polska spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

Michał Franczyk

Max. 5 people

Duration of training:
Approx. 5 hours

Training description:

Training on the current issue of minimum wage settlement in Germany, France, Austria, Norway, Italy and the Netherlands. The training covers discussing the obligations of transport companies related to the EU regulations on employee posting and the rules for calculating the minimum wage in each country.

Training plan

  • Information on Directive 96/71/EC – the origins of the provisions on posting of employees
  • Obligations concerning appointment of a representative
  • Documents required to be kept in the vehicle
  • Rules for calculating the driver’s working time in each country
  • Overview of the Labour Inspection guidelines in each country
  • Rules for including a food or anaccommodation lump sum allowance in the minimum wage in each country
  • Overtime calculation rules
  • Principles of settlement of other allowances: for work at night, for work on Sundays and holidays, seniority allowances
  • Obligations to notify a posted employee
  • France: discussing SIPSI platform notification rules
  • Germany: discussing the rules for notifying drivers on the Meldeportal-Mindestlohn platform
  • Austria: discussion of issues related to the ZKO-3 framework, ordinary, collective notification
  • Documents required during the inspection
  • Information on the procedure in the current inspections, the required documents and the inspection results
  • Possible consequences and penalties imposed by each country


  • The practical part of using the Tachoscan to calculate the minimum wage for driver work in the territory of other countries

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