Drivers’ working hours and tachograph operation principles

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Training on the working time standards of drivers engaged in international road transport and tachograph operation principles.

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General information

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Type of training:

Online (Teamviewer or Skype)

Language: English


INELO Polska spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością


Michał Franczyk

Group size:

Max. 5 people

Duration of training:

Approx. 5 hours

Training description:

The purpose of the training is to broaden the knowledge of Regulation EC 561/2006 and Regulation 165/2014, which is essential in the daily work of the driver. This knowledge helps to understand the specifics of the driver’s work and the related responsibilities of both the driver and the driver’s employer. The training provides knowledge about the origin of infringements, methods of dealing with exceeding the working time, calculating the remaining working time. The knowledge will allow to reduce the infringements which will minimize your company’s costs as well as improve your and other road users’ safety.

Training plan

  • Discussing the legal acts concerning drivers’ working time standards and proper operation of the tachograph.
  • Explanation of the meaning of basic definitions: road transport, driver, tachograph activities.
  • Correct tachograph selector operation: driving, stopping, other work, availability.
  • Presentation on how to perform manual entries on the most popular tachographs on the market.
  • Rules for applying and completing the activity attestations.
  • Types of digital cards used in transport – overview.
  • Obligations and deadlines for the entrepreneur involved in reading and storing data.
  • Driving and rest period limits resulting from Regulation EC 561/2006.
  • Driver’s behaviour in emergency situations (Article 12 of EC Regulation 561/2006).
  • Analogue and digital tachographs and the new generation of smart tachographs.
  • Types of manipulations and their consequences for the driver and the company.


  • A practical part with the use of Tachoscan:

Possibility to check and discuss infringements from driver cards of the training participants (drivers).



5 / 5. 3

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