Returns and Complaints

Order Cancellation

  1. Consumer may cancel their Order within 14 days of the Product delivery date without specifying any reason; see Schedules No 1 and 2 to the T&Cs for detailed cancellation instructions for Consumer.
  2. Any costs and expenses incurred by Consumer for returning the Product to Seller under the right to cancel the Order shall be to Consumer’s account. Seller is under no obligation to accept any COD shipment returned by Client.
  3. The right to cancel the Order shall not apply to cases referred to in Art. 38 of the Act on Consumer Rights and 11 section 14 of the Terms and Conditions.
  4. The right to cancel the Order shall also apply to Training Services agreements.

Sales Agreements – Guarantee and Warranty. Claims

  1. Product Guarantee is based on certain principles set forth in the INELO Product Guarantee Rules and Regulations for Provisions of Services available at
  2. For Transactions where Client is not a Consumer, Seller and Client other than a Consumer shall exclude the warranty provisions laid down in Art. 556 through 576 of the Civil Code.
  3. In the event of any guarantee claims, Client shall advise Seller as soon as a defect has been identified by using a claim form available at shall follow the INELO Product and Service Guarantee Rules, as well as any other instructions available at the above address.
  4. In case of warranty claims (Consumers only), Consumer should advise Seller as soon as a defect has been identified by sending a claim to Seller’s address shown in the T&Cs Preliminary Provisions or by e-mailing Seller at the address also shown therein or use a claim form available at In the claim form, Client should include its personal data (first and last names), contact telephone number, and an e-mail address, together with a description of the defect, Product purchase date, model, and serial number (if applicable).  Include your Product proof of purchase, such as a copy of the purchase receipt, invoice or any other proof of concluding an agreement.
  5. Having received the claim, Seller may request Client submit additional document and / or information, including return of the defective Product to Seller for verification; the Product return costs shall be to Seller’s account in the case of warranty while for guarantee they will be in line with general INELO Product and Service Guarantee provisions. In the case of Clients other than Consumers, a claim found to be without merit shall result in Seller charging such Clients with the costs of shipping the Product both ways.  When returning defective Products to Seller under s claim, Client shall duly protect them for shipment, especially by using appropriate packaging.  When to analyze the claim it is imperative to return Products to Seller, the claim lead time shall be extended by the time needed for the Products to reach Seller.
  6. When the Product claimed to be defective is designed to record any data in its memory while in use, Seller shall inform Client about a potential data loss threat while the claim is being processed; to prevent such data loss, Client is advised to make backup copies prior to returning the defective Product. Seller shall not be liable for any data loss attributable to processing Client’s or Consumer’s claims.
  7. Having received all the necessary information and Products (if required), Seller shall advise Client or Consumer whether the claim has been approved or rejected within 14 days of the receipt of the data and Product/s (together with any explanation if rejected). For approved claims, Seller shall follow the procedure for processing the claim suggested by Client or propose another solution in line with the laws in force (for warranty claims) or in line with any guarantee provisions offered (for guarantee claims).
  8. In the event Client fails to pick up the Product at the time specified by Seller once the claim has been processed or rejected, Seller shall have the right to charge a fee of PLN 10 gross for every day it stores the Product.
  9. Provisions of INELO Product and Service Guarantee as well as Service Provision regulations shall apply to guarantee cases not covered in the T&C.
  10. When the Transaction involves a product other than one manufactured by Seller or which is covered by a third party guarantee, T&C applicable to Seller’s guarantee shall be excluded and replaced by such third part guarantee and Client shall pursue its guarantee claims against such third party, to the exclusion of any guarantee liability by Seller.

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