E-TOLL | OBU toll collection device | GBox OBU+

215,00  net (plus 23% VAT)

The e-TOLL–GBox OBU+ (On-board unit) toll collection device is a solution providing for electronic and automatic calculation of the toll due for driving on pay roads in the e-TOLL system. The price includes the cost of the device  and the e-TOLL transmission fee for 12 months.

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After twelve months, the contract will be renewed for another 12 months and a maintenance fee of 49 Euro net will be charged.

The GBox OBU+ toll collection device has successfully passed the integration tests, fulfilled all basic technical requirements, and is now accredited by the National Revenue Administration for compliance with the new e-Toll toll collection system! >> LINK

The proposed solution has been additionally expanded over monitoring current fleet activity on the map. This means that the GBox OBU+ offers the functions required of OBU devices used for mandatory transmission of positioning data to the e-TOLL system and simultaneous verification of current vehicle positions.

Inelo – the first certified company in integrated solutions for heavy duty transport

Why you should open your business to the e-TOLL system with Inelo’s OBU device:

  • Professional knowledge, experience, and business awareness for 10 thousand current Clients
  • 30 thousand active telematics systems made in Poland
  • Top data transmission quality ensured by productive servers
  • Data security guaranteed – 24/7 system monitoring
  • Business relations with 42 controlling authorities from 23 European countries
  • Continuous product and service development in compliance with ongoing transformations in the transport industry
  • Specification of the GBox OBU+ device:
  • Embedded accelerometer with precise event monitoring function,
  • Internal GNSS High Gain antenna, which can be installed to the car battery under the hood,
  • The OBU toll collection device is equipped with a special clamp port, which can be used to connect the charging cable to the car battery,
  • 128 MB internal memory,
  • Internal backup battery,
  • Water-resistant casing,
  • USB port,
  • Bluetooth support,
  • 10 – 30 V power supply with surge suppressor

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4.4 / 5. 8

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