TachoReader Basic

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A modern and intuitive device for fast data download from all tachographs available on the market and from driver cards placed in them in accordance with the regulations. It also allows reading data from new cards and smart tachographs!

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Comprehensive support for the latest G2v2 cards and version 2 smart tachographs.

TachoReader Basic tachograph ensures full compliance with the regulations and requirements of the European Commission, ensures comprehensive support for the latest cards and tachographs, as well as enhances the features and operational stability of the device.

The device will be able to read:

  • the new G2v2 cards with extended data memory – up to 56 days (via tachograph);
  • the section of new G2v2 cards concerning records of loading and unloading operations, as well as automatic border crossing (via tachograph);
  • version 2 smart tachographs.

IMPORTANT! TachoReader Basic operates in accordance with Appendix IB and IC specified in the Regulation of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EU) NO. 165/2014.

TachoReader Basic also allows for downloading special files – the so-called “S” files that provide more opportunities for checking for manipulation.

Device description:

  • Selection of one of the three pre-configured modes of downloading data for tachograph and the driver card inserted in it
  • Data downloaded with the highest speed available in the tachograph
  • Downloading “S” files with detailed vehicle speed data for the last 168 hours of driving and a section at a speed of 4Hz
  • The internal memory holds up to 160,000 readings from the driver card or up to 20,000 readings from the digital tachograph
  • Powered from the tachograph or USB port
  • The USB connector allows you to easily configure the device and quickly copy the driver cards and tachograph readings to the computer
  • The operation of the device is signalled by a LED and a sound
  • Ergonomic, damage-proof casing
  • the device is compatible with all tachographs available on the market that are approved in the EU for the purposes of recording working time in accordance with EU Regulation 561/2006 and the AETR agreement.  This means that the device can read both first generation digital tachographs and the latest version 2 smart tachographs,




4.3 / 5. 12

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